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What We Offer

Rawdons & Co specialises in high-volume temporary staff requirements. Because we have direct access to our directors and experienced teams of recruiters are situated in all of our branches, we do not have the bureaucratic restraints of national companies. We supply on demand, and we aim to get it right the first time, every time.

We provide:

  • Temporary Staff
  • Temp to Perm
  • Interim and Contract Management Services
  • Permanent Staff 

Bespoke employee evaluation surveys for your organisation

As part of our recruitment package we also offer our clients an employee evaluation survey service. Our employee surveys are created to be aligned to organisational and employee priorities. We conduct employee evaluation surveys at a frequency and depth to suit your organisation to help you gain greater insights into your engagement and retention strategies from staff starting their career with your organisation.

The process is simple and GDPR compliant. We create the survey tailored to your organisation. We send a link via a text message to staff we have working at your site, the staff follow the link if they choose to participate, complete the survey and send it back. The information is then collated via the survey software we have in place which then produces reports and graphs with the size of the sample which we are able to share with you. This is an excellent way to help our clients shape their future policies around the feedback they receive via the surveys.

Hand scanning biometric clocking in systems

For organisations that require high volumes of staff we are able to install biometric clocking in systems. The clocking in system we use calculates employees hours and overtime removing manual work from the time sheet process. The system also automatically highlights lateness and unauthorised absence as well as real time employee in / out status, ideal for managers/fire marshal’s to see at a quick glance who is in the building.

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